Friday, 6 April 2012


Card 6 featuring designs from the new Butterfly Duets Digikit

Once again the card was created in CraftArtist and then 'deconstructed' and printed on to paper, card and vellum and reassembled manually.

1. Import the plain mint backing paper into the programme and crop to a long rectangle shape.
    Then import the embossed look backing paper, shrink in size, copy and paste, and then place one
    on top of the other to make the patterned strip down the centre of the mint paper.
2. Import the dark purple paper and shrink size so it fits in the centre of the card. Create a white   
    square and resize to fit just inside the purple piece. This is to ensure that the vellum piece
    does not have the patterned paper showing through. Next import the dotted paper and resize so it fits
    over the white square.
3. Import the plain butterfly and resize so it will fit in the middle of the dotted paper.
4. 'Deconstruct' the card and print the mint paper with the two embossed papers on to paper. Glue to a
    suitably shaped greetings card.
5. Print the purple square with the white square on top on to card.
6. Print the dotted paper square on to vellum and lastly, the butterfly on to card.
7. Dry emboss the dots on the vellum square with an embossing tool (as for Parchment Craft) and glue over
    the white square. Attach this with glue or double sided sticky pads in the centre of the greetings card.
8. Use a patterned rubber stamps, embossing ink and a pearl powder to emboss the butterfly and then
    glue the body to the middle of the topper on the greetings card...attach artificial flower stamens at this

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