Sunday, 28 June 2009


One Zebra Canvas finished at last! It's taken over a year to collect the bits to make it. It's a box canvas painted with acrylic and decorated with felt, ribbon, buttons, gemstones, fabric (centre), stampboard (stamped and embossed with several layers of clear embossing powder) and part of a greetings card glued on to Tim Holtz's Fragments(available from

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Rosette Stamps

I have some new designs which are about to go on my website. They are Rosettes: Floral, Abstract and Dotted Heart. The design consist of 3 size of 'double' petals which fold in two creating a bulkier flower or rosette.

The Rosette designs will be in the Flowers and Leaves section of the catalogue (hopefully tomorrow!)
You can also make hanging decorations using these designs ...great for BBQs and Xmas.

I have been making acetate flowers for a craft fair next week. Stamped with Brilliance ink on the rough side of laser printer acetate or OHP film. Cut them out, bend the shape over and glue the tip to make a petal, glue the petals together, punch a flower from card or paper and glue a gemstone in the centre.
They can be used on cards, as a gift wrap embellishment or as a window or mirror decoration.