Sunday 28 February 2010



This Decor Plate uses the Scalloped Circle design painted black.
A4 piece of paper torn into 4 pieces and scrunched. The paper balls were then used to stipple Opalite inks all over the plate.
The medium circle from the pack was painted lilac and glued to the centre of the plate.
The Floral Rosette petals were embossed with clear powder on to black paper, cut folded and arranged in the middle of the lilac circle.


They can be coloured with paints, ink and alcohol inks and will not warp with thicker media such as textured paint.
The Decor Plates can then be decorated using your favourite craft technique (eg: stamping, decoupage, quilling, parchment craft, artificial flowers, mosaics etc.) and displayed on a wall or free standing on a shelf or table.

They can personalised to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday, new baby and so on.
We have 4 shapes at the moment: Scalloped Circle, Scalloped Heart, Butterfly and Oriental Fan.


Yet another Decor Plate, this time for a card player be it bridge, poker or rummy! It uses those small playing cards you get in Xmas crackers and design from the Playing Cards Die Sheet.


Some of the Decor Plates can be photo frames! This is the Scalloped Circle plate. One of the circles has an aperture cut out and some of my distant relatives in the middle. The other Decor Plates which can be photo frames are the Scalloped Square and Flower...two of the new ones which will be appearing soon.