Monday 30 January 2012


This card uses paper and word art from Cosmos Canvas Digikit and Patchwork Party Cosmos Digikit.

The Patchwork Squares have been used as the main feature and also as borders for the card.
You will need a graphics programme such as MCS or serif CraftArtist to make this card.
There are 2 ways you can make it, either by arranging all the elements in your graphics programme and printing on to card, or to arrange, deconstruct and print the indivual elements.
In this case I've arranged and printed the backing paper, borders and the word (Cosmos) and printed the squares separately.
1. Import the paper and crop to approx. 7 ins. x 5 ins.

2. Import the 2 butterfly squares and re-size to approx. 0.75 ins. Arrange along one side of the paper as
    illustrated. Group, copy and reverse and move the copy to the opposite side of the paper.

3. Import the Cosmos word, re-size and position in the lower central part of the paper.

4. Import and re-size the same squares...each will need to be copied and reversed. Arrange in the
    centre of the paper and import and re-size one of the fan handles.

5. Move the 4 larger squares and handle off the main design. Print the main design on to good
    quality paper. Print the larger squares and handle on to card.

6. Mount the backing paper plus borders and word on to dark red card.

7. Spray the 4 squares with a pearl spray (Luminarte Radiant Rain gold used here) and leave to dry.

8. Arrange the 4 sepaarte squares and fix to the card with silicone rubber, angling each square down
    towards the centre. Fix the fan handle to the centre of the arrangement.

9. Embellish if wished.

Saturday 28 January 2012


This week's Ooh La La Challenge is....Seeing Double
This is my entry

It features an image from Ooh La La's Carnival of Colour CD and the frame is from Pam leFors.
The cenral image was re-sized to fit in the frame. Part of the image was re-sized to fit in the left side of the frame, and then copied and reversed to fit in the other side.
The image was also enlarged to make a backing for the whole frame so it is patterned on the reverse.
Ribbon allows the card to be closed.
A Quickie glue pen and gold powder were used to emboss the design on the frame and glitter added for sparkle.

Tuesday 24 January 2012


Cosmos Patchwork Hexagon Card

This card uses images from the Patchwork Party Cosmos download and a paper from CaroLines Garden Cosmos Canvas download.
You will need a graphics programme such as MCS or Serif CraftArtist to make this card.

1. Import the paper into your graphics programme and alter the transparency so it has a vellum effect.
    Print on to a good quality paper.
2. Import a selection of the patchwork hexagons and resize so they are approx. 1 to 1.5 inches across.
    TIP: Group the 3 hexagons and resize them all at the same time rather than resizing one at a time.
3. Copy and paste until you have 3 each of 2 designs and one of a third design. Print on to good quality card.
    Use a gold inkpad to ink the edge of each of the hexagons.
4. Cut a square of black card approx. 5.5 inches.. Find and mark the mid point. Arrange and glue the 6   
    hexagons around the pencil mark with the dot in the middles of the central space.
5. Trim the black card around the hexagon arrangement leaving a small border and punch with a corner 
6. Cut the backing paper to fit around the hexagon card as illustrated. Glue on to pink card and then glue the
    hexagon card in the centre.
7. Ink the hexagon for the centre of the card with Versamark ink and emboss with Crystal Clear Print
    Magic embossing powder (Debbi Moore).
8. Use silicone rubber to fix the central hexagon in the arrangement. Leave it slightly raised above the card.
9. Squeeze some pink Liquid Pearls on to a piece of scrap card and use a cocktail stick to apply 'cross
    stitches' to the design.

Sunday 22 January 2012


This week's CD Sunday Challenge is...Zodiac
This is my entry

This has been created digitally using images from CaroLines Silhouettes 2 Download and one of the effects from Ooh La La's Shoes in Bloom 2 CD.
The edging jewels are one of CratfrArtist's brushes.

Friday 20 January 2012


This week's CD Sunday Challenge is...Enchantment
This is my entry

I've created this digitally in Serif CraftArtist as I've not much time this week.
 The backing paper and image are from Jem's Designs Where Fairies Dwell CD.
The backing paper was made by layering it over white and using the transparency tool to create the vellum effect. The blue 'glitter glue' and bubbles are in the brushes bit.

Thursday 12 January 2012


This is my entry

The card uses an images from Ooh La La's Silhouette my world it's a sunrise and hence a new beginning! The foregroun image has been embossed with clear Print Magic from Debbi Moore.

I am also entering it for the Craft a Scene Challenge


This week's CD Sunday Challenge is...Sealife
This my entry

This card uses papers and an image from Peerless Designs Cuddle Upz Arctic CD. The background was erased form the whale in Photoshop. Then the topper was created in Serif CraftArtist and the bubbles added with a brush in PS again.
I wanted something to make it more intersting and i happened to walk past some pale blue netting in my craftroom...happy accident!
Layered on to blue mirricard and dark blue card.


Hi everyone...I am merging my two blogs into one.
It's new home is HERE

If you are a follower of this are very welcome to become a follower on the new site, there is a monthly Digidraw for a free digi on the new site.

The new site will have rubber stamp designs, digital stamps and digital downloads with, with lots of ideas and projects.

My entries for challenges will also be on the new site.

Monday 9 January 2012


A card using designs from the new Cosmos Patchwork Party Digikit
You will need a graphics programme such as Serif CraftArtist or My Craft Studio

This card uses backing papers from the Cosmos Canvas Digikit and one of the Fan Segment designs

1. Choose two of the paper designs from the Cosmos Canvas Digikit and print on to high quality computer paper.
2. Import the Fan Segment from Cosmos Patchwork Party into the graphics programme and re-size so the height is approximately 3 ins.
3. You can make the fan in two ways: a. copy and paste the segment 5 times and print on to card or b; copy and paste the segment, rotate until it will fit along the edge of the first segment. Repeat with another segment, group the two angled segments, copy and reverse the image and move until the fan is complete. Print the
completed fan to card.

4. Trim a piece of white card so that the fan (when complete) will fit comfortably in the centre.
5. If using the separate fan segments make up as follows: Glue one segment to the centre of the card. Use
silicone rubber to fix the next segment next to it, angling it so that the outer edge is raised from the card. Fix the next segment so that it angles back down to the card again. repeat for the other side of the fan and leave to dry.
If using the printed fan: Score and fold so that folds A and C are mountain and B and D are valley folds.

6. Trim the papers and edge with a border punch (a Martha Stewart punch used here) and layer as illiustrated above, with the card plus fan in the centre and glue to a greetings card.
7. Glue a pearl where the segments meet (or print and glue one of the Fan Handle designs) and punch 4 dragonflies from offcuts of the papers in the four corners.

Saturday 7 January 2012


Introducing from CaroLines Garden...Cosmos Patchwork Party

A collection of 55 digital elements for you to create original paper 'patchwork' greetings cards
 and other craft projects. These designs match the Cosmos Canvas Digikit.
Designs include 6 Squares, 5 Diamonds, 7 Hearts, 7 Hexagons, 6 Circle Segments, 7 Fan Segments, 3 Fan Handles/Flower Centres, 7 Butterfly Wings/Petals, 7 Dragonfly Wings/Petals, Ideas pages
 and 13 card examples.
Zipped folder (105MB) containing images which are high quality and 3oo dpi png files.


Thursday 5 January 2012


Here is another card made using the new Cosmos Canvas Digikit...available HERE

The card uses one of the butterfly toppers from the Digikit and one of the butterflies.
The topper was printed twice on to card and the 3 butterflies cut out from one. The butterfly strip behind the topper is from one of the papers. The larger butterfly was also printed on to card.
The 3 cut-out butterflies and the larger one were embossed with Crystal Print Magic powder from
Debbi Moore. The topper was mounted on to dark purple card, then textured silver card and lastly pink card. White border Peel-off was fixed around the topper. the butterflies glued at the body on to the card and a pink pearl glued in each corner (one's slipped!).