Monday, 29 December 2014


This month's Mixed Media Challenge is a Tic Tac Toe
I chose Patterned Paper, Stencils and Glitter
This is my entry

Difficult to photograph but you can just make out the glittery trees.
I tore and pasted patterned papers and some Christmas napkins. Then sprayed with Permajet to fix the colours. A bit of white alcohol ink for mist.
Then texture paste through a Sweet Poppy stencil and sprinkled prisma glitter on before it dried.
Then added embellishments.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


This month's Mixed Media Challenge is to use stamps.
This is my entry

You will need:
Small canvas....5 in.s x 7 ins.
Black gesso
Stamps from Sheena Douglass...Koi and Water Lillies from A Little Bit Oriental range
White Brilliance inkpad
Bronze Staz-On inkpad
Texture paste
Acrylic paints and brushes
Small shells or as used here paper clay shells
Matt and gloss varnish

1.  Mark a half inch border around the edge of the canvas with pencil.
2.  Paint black gesso inside the 'frame'. 
3.  Stamp the ripples with Bronze Staz-On ink and the fish with the White Brilliance ink.
4.  Paint the fish with acrylic paints. can mold some texture paste on the fish's body before
     painting to make it stand out more. I used an orange stick to make the fish scales.I copied the colours
    that were on the stamp set pack.  
5. Apply texture paste to the frame area of the canvas and press the 'shells' into it.
6. Once dry, paint with black gesso.
7. Dry brush acrylic colour on to the for the main area and bronze on the shells.
8. Brush the whole canvas with matt varnish and then the fish, ripples and shells with gloss varnish. Or brush
    just the inside of the frame with gloss varnish...couldn't decide which.

Friday, 24 October 2014


This month's Mixed Media Challenge is to use ribbon, twine or fibres.
This is my entry

A brief 'How to'
1.  Canvas board painted with white gesso and left to dry.
2.  Liquitex Acrylic ink (put in spray bottles) sprayed top and bottom. Board tilted so the colours ran down
     the board. Colours: Sap green and Cerulean Blue. While still wet water was flicked on to the board to
     add some texture. Dried.
3.  Leaves from my rubber stamp set Natural Elements (not on my for details) using 
     Brilliance Cosmic copper inkpad. Dried and then the canvas sprayed with Permajet Permafix to
     stop the ink running with following products.
4.  Masks used with B&Q Flexible Filler for the swirls and birds (Crafter's Workshop and Peerless 
5.  Matt Medium was used to stick the fibres, skeleton leaf and lace cloud to the board.
6.  When dry the canvas was sprayed again, this time with Moon Glow...Azure Sea Asters and Ponderosa
     Pine Olive.
7.  The edges of the board were darkened using Walnut Stain Distress ink and a fan brush.
8.  Fabric leaves were painted with white gesso and then Liqiuitex Rich Bronze and Bright Gold inks.
9.  The tree stencil from Sweet Poppy Stencils was used with Sparkle Mediums... Light Copper, Antique
     Bronze and Welsh Gold (Imagination Crafts). Sparkle medium was applied to the birds and swirls.
10. The windy swirls were made using a brush and water, blotted with kitchen towel.
11.Finally, the fabric and plastic leaves, sequin flowers and beads were glued to the board.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


We have a new digikit...Autumn Overlays 1
This kit has 10 Autumnal Overlays, 5 colour backgrounds and instructions.
High quality jps at 300 dpi.
Cost just £1.50

Some samples created by placing an overlay over one of the colour backgrounds and then altering
 the Blend Mode.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


This month's Mixed Media Challenge is Colour...with a photo for inspiration

This is my entry

I started by spraying black card with water and then randomly dropping Bright Silver Liquitex acrylic ink
over it. Then drops of white Dylusions ink (as I had none of the Liquitex). Card dried.
I then mixed Magenta Liquitex ink with some Flexible Filler (B&Q) and then Cadmium Yellow ink with some more filler. These were then applied through a mask (Dahlia from Peerless Designs).
Then I mixed black ink with filler and applied through another mask from Peerless Designs at the top of the card. Left to dry.
I then applied more of the magenta and yellow using a crumpled piece of kitchen towel along the middle area.
Finally, the word Dahlia (using letters from CaroLines' Oriental Alphabet Die Sheet) was stamped with black Brilliance ink and embossed with a clear glitter embossing powder.

Sunday, 24 August 2014


This month's Mixed Media Challenge is to use stencils and texture paste
This is my entry

This is the 3rd attempt!!!...a learning experience definitely!
Primed canvas board with white gesso.
Applied Dylusions sprays (London Blue, Fresh Lime, Dirty Martini and Melted Chocolate), making the inks run. Dried and then flicked with water and dried again.

Here's where the fun began! I wanted the texture paste (I used B&Q Flexlible Filler) to stay white when put over the Dylusions...but this didn't happen. So I tried Matt Medium to try and fix them, but that did terrible things to the colours and made them run!
Had to start again. Then I tried hairspray, then 3 coats of Windsor and Newton Satin varnish and then Matt medium over all that. The colour still leeched through.
Had to start again. In the meantime did a bit of research and found a spray to fix inkjet ink might work so ordered a couple of brands of that. One worked! Permafix (2 coats).
Stencils used: Blossom and branches from Crafter's Workshop, Dandelion from Peerless Designs.
I then brushed in the waterfall with white acrylic paint and a fan brush.
Then I stamped various ferns and leaves using Brilliance ink. Should have used Staz-On.
Stamps used: from CaroLines Creative Stamps, Sheena Douglass and Kanban (now closed).
I did think to spray with the Permafix, but the ink hadn't dried properly, so the colour started to leech into the paste. I found drying the paste with a heat gun helped slow the leeching down.
At this point I decided I'd wasted too many canvas boards so would have to paint over the paste with something that would hide the colouring.
I used Cosmic Copper Brilliance ink, followed by a light brushing with Lightning Black.

More texture paste mixed with green acrylic paint and a bit of the Copper brilliance ink for the leaves on the tree and then some  Luminarte Silks (Crafter's Companion) to add colour to the flowers.
Butterfly stamped with Galaxy Gold Brilliance ink.

I think maybe I should have coloured the texture paste with black paint and had a silhouette effect!

Monday, 21 July 2014


This month's Mixed Media Challenge is to use items found round the house.
This is my entry

The house hold items used were: pattern from a rubber glove, a bottle brush to create border, a sieve for more texture and a funnel to make the sun's outline.
I used Dylusions: Fresh Lime, Vibrant Turquoise, Lemon Zest and White Linen to colour the card.
Then acrylic paints using the house items. Sunflower SparkleTwinkling H2O for the sun. Stencils: Imaginations Crafts (Wisteria stencil), Crafter's Workshop (Water Lilies)(Imagination Crafts) and Sweet Poppy Stencils (from The Craft Station) for the Peacock. Turquoise Sparkle medium from Imaginations Crafts on the Peacock.

Monday, 7 July 2014


A mixed media canvas using digital elements from my Sweet Pea Summer digikit.

You will need:
A box canvas ( I used  12 x 9 ins.)
Computer paper, matt and glossy
Tissue paper
Spray temporary adhesive ( Crafter's Companion)
Matt medium
Stencil (Imagination Crafts)
Smooth texture paste or B&Q Flexible Filler
Acrylic paints...lilac and pearl lilac
Purple Sparkle medium (Imagination Crafts)
Pearl beading
Embellishments: I used, chipboard and wooden shapes (painted), skeleton leaf (painted), Dress It Up buttons with backs removed (painted), Sequin flowers, lacy bits, Stampendous Texture Flakes and Glass Glitter, flat-backed pearls.

1. I printed one of the papers from the kit on to paper and also on to tissue paper. Spray the paper with the adhesive and carefully lay the tissue paper over it. Print and then peel away the tissue. I also printed on of the toppers from the kit on to glossy photo paper.

2. Paint some of the canvas with the lilac paint and leave to dry.
3.Using the matt medium as an adhesive stick torn pieces of the patterned paper and tissue randomly on to   the canvas. Go over on to the side of the canvas as well. Leave to dry.

4. Colour the texture paste with pearl lilac paint and press through the stencil. You can add more paint or glaze with other colours if you wish.

5. Use the stencil and the Sparkle Medium to pattern elsewhere on the canvas. Leave to dry.

6. Glue the topper on to the canvas and glue the pearl beading as illustrated.

7. Glue the embellishments to the canvas. The Stampendous flakes and glitter can be fixed using the matt medium.
8. Give the canvas a coat of matt medium to seal.

Saturday, 7 June 2014


A new challenge fb site...Mixed Media Monthly Challenge
This month's topic is Spray Inks
This is my entry

A quick 'how to'
Sponge white gesso over the Scalloped Circle Decor Plate.
When dry spray with water, and then Dylusions spray inks (Lemon Zest, Squeezed Orange and Bubblegum Pink used here). Dry.
Place stencil (Crafter's Workshop) in centre of Decor Plate and sponge Lightning Black Brilliance ink through.
Ink open Cape Daisies stamp with Lightning Black ink and stamp around the edge of the plate.
Lightly stipple Espresso Adirondak ink around the clock face. Use Alphabet Curlz / Small stamps (please contact me for details) to stamp message with the brown ink. Use the brown and a fan paintbrush to darken the edges of the Decor Plate.
Sponge Galaxy Gold Brilliance ink through sequin waste on to the plate.
 Leave to dry.
Ink the Cape Daisies stamp with Versamark ink and stamp onto the plate, emboss with Stampendous Frantage Aged Ivory Embossing Enamel. Continue, using the single Cape Daisy stamp as well, until there is a group of flowers. Sprinkle bits of the embossing enamel in random places and heat from below to emboss.
Place high tack glue in some of the flower centres and sprinkle with  Gold Frantage Crushed Glass Glitter.
The Decor Plates come as a pack of 2, with a hook for wall mounting and a stand for displaying your work on a table.

Saturday, 10 May 2014


A scrapbook page and another card made using the new Sweet Pea Summer digikit

This scrapbook page uses images and papers from Set 1. Paper p7, frame 1f1, button 1b1 and pearl ring from Set 2, 2r1. Nothing difficult, just place your photo in the frame, position the pearl ring behind it, place on to paper, a darker pink background square and then the buttons.

This card uses paper 2p10, pearl ring 2r1 and button 2b2, from Set 2.
The kaleidoscope feature in Serif CraftArtist was used to create the patterned circle, this placed on to the paper (with a darker purple background), pearl ring placed around the button and both positioned in the centre of the circle.

Saturday, 19 April 2014


3 more cards made using the Sweet Pea Summer digikit

This uses topper 1t2, paper 1p12, frame 1f2 and button 1b1. Simple cropping and layering.

This card uses topper 2t4, papers 2p3, 2p8 and 2p6.
 Again layering and rotating paper 2p3 through 45 degrees.

This card uses topper 3t6, paper 3p9 and buttons 3b1, 3b2 and 3b3.
First the topper was split into 4 sections ( centre the topper and crop so one quarter remains, repeat for the other 3 quarters. Placed over paper and then buttons added as illustrated.

Thursday, 13 March 2014


Below are some more cards made using the new Sweet Pea Summer digikit
Using the pearl programme Serif CraftArtist.

This card uses papers 1p6 and 1p7, the pearl ring and button 1b1 from Set 1.
The papers were cropped and positioned together as illustrated over a deep pink background square.
Two pearl rings were placed over the papers' join and the buttons positioned as illustrated.

This card uses papers 2p9 and 2p13, topper 2t5 and the pearl ring from Set 2.
Simple layering as illustrated and then 5 pearl rings aligned down the left side of the card.

This card uses paper 2p8, topper 2t3 and the pearl ring from Set 2.
Simple layering over a deep lavender square background.
The pearl ring then cropped to a quarter and positioned ( and using the horizontal and vertical flip feature).


This scrapbook page uses papers 3p1, frame 3f4, the pearl ring and button 3b2.
The pearl ring was enlarged and positioned in the centre of the paper.
The photograph was inserted into the frame and placed over the centre of the ring.
The button then copied and pasted and positioned as illustrated.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Here are 3 simple to make cards using the new Sweet Pea Summer Digikit

This card uses topper t2, paper 1p3 and button 1b1 from Set 1. Simple layering of topper over
 paper over a deep pink background square
. Button added as embellishment.

This card uses topper t2, paper 2p12 and button 2b1 from Set 2.
Create deep lilac background square for the topper, group, place the paper behind and 
create a deep lavender square to go behind that. Add button as embellishment.

This card uses topper 3t1, papers 3p1 and 3p3 and pearl ring 3r1 from Set 3.
Paper 3p3 used as background. Paper 3p1 positioned as illustrated and the pearl ring re-sized
to fit inside. Topper positioned as illustrated.

Saturday, 1 March 2014


We have a new digikit...Sweet Pea Summer!

This Sweet Pea digikit consists of a selection of Sweet Pea images (3, also in sepia), frames (8), buttons (6), toppers (13) and  36 papers.
There are also ideas for using these designs.
Images are high quality at 300 dpi.
Zipped folder 149MB

(tutorials will follow in subsequent posts)

Thursday, 13 February 2014


SEAHORSE CANVAS..the latest project

The 'shells' were made using paper clay and a home made silicone mould...details HERE.
A layer of a texture paste...B&Q Flexible Filler or an artists paste...and the shells pressed into it.
Sand then sprinkled over the paste. Left to dry. I've used accent beads in the photo but later glued sand over ...but accent beads would do if you've no sand.
When dry, paint with white acrylic paint or gesso.


The seahorse is from Peerless Designs' Tangletastic CD. It was printed on to paper and glued to the canvas.
Then painted with blue acrylic paint.
The seaweeds are from Peerless Designs' Seahorse Mask Medley Pack.  The filler was pushed through one of the weed stencils and then again...reversed ...on the other side.

Green paint was then applied to other stencil weeds...light first, then dark, to give an impression of distance.
Small seahorses and bubbles from my Seahorse Die Sheet (please contact for details) were stamped with blue Staz-On ink.

The seahorse was then painted with Pebeo Fantasy paints.

Then the raised weeds and shells were painted with acrylic paints...matt and pearl.
The whole canvas was then painted with glossy and matt mediums.
More small weeds were added using the Fantasy paints.

Lastly, accents such as Glossy Accents and Dewdrops were added. I'm still deciding about some glittery bits. The sides of the canvas will be decorated with filler, sand and several coats of glossy medium.