Tuesday 17 August 2010


The Silhouette designs can be used to make window / mirror decorations or as hanging mobiles.


Print the coloured silhouette on to acetate (NB: reverse the image first), cut out and stick a layer of double-sided sticky tape on the back. At this point you can either use special window film (simply stick to the film, cut out and it will just cling to the window) or print another silhouette (NB: image normal), stick to the first frame and use tiny pieces of Blu-Tack to fix it to the window.

If you use the black and white silhouette image (NB: reversed) you can colour one of the images with alcohol inks (blue-greens and silver used in illustration below) or Copic pens or Promarkers before sticking the second image to the back.

You could also try colouring vellum and sandwiching that in between the silhouettes.

You could also stamp on to one of the silhouettes before sandwiching (stars stamped with gold Brilliance ink shown below.

To make a hanging decoration or a mobile, simply punch a small hole in the top and hang with invisible thread.

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  1. Gorgeous Caroline I like the idea to try colouring vellum and sanwiching that in between the silhouettes .xxx


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