Monday, 28 February 2011



I've finally got around to playing with my Silhouette Collections ( Digikit download )
This card uses Collection 3...Turquoise Meadow.

You will need:
A computer graphics programme such as MCS, Serif Scrapbook Artist of Serif CraftArtist.
Good quality computer paper.
Printable acetate
Greetings card approx. 8 ins x 6.5 ins (the size and colours you can change of course)
Double sided sticky paper
Self-adhesive glitter paper
Small turquoise pearls
Butterfly punch
EK Success punch...Le Scroll chain used here

1: Create the silhouette scene:

                                           fig 1                              fig 2                            fig 3

   Import the background 3b1 and resize, if necessary, to approx. 3 ins x 3 ins.. Import and position the meadow frame sf3 over the background, see fig 1. Import and resize the cat (3im2) and position her in the
meadow, see fig 2. Then the butterfly (3im1)...resize and angle. You can copy and paste more butterflies if you wish, see fig. 3.

                                                          fig 4                                   fig 5

   Import the butterfly frame, 3fr2, resize until it fits over the silhouette scene, see fig 4. Import the butterfly circle frame, 3bfr2, and resize to fit over the black butterflies in the first frame. Group the images.

2.  NB: now flip the entire scene horizontally and print on to acetate.

3. Print a piece of paper, 3P10, again resizing if you wish.

4. Stick the acetate scene carefully, to avoid air bubbles, on to double sided sticky paper. Remove the paper layer and stick this on to the top part of self adhesive glitter paper.  Then stick on to white paper and cut round the scallops.

5. Cut a strip of the paper and glue down the centre of the greetings card. Use the chain punch to create two borders and glue to each end of the card.

6. Glue the acetate silhouette across the middle of the centre strip of paper.

7. Punch two butterflies from card and glue to the borders and lastly, glue small pearls around the scalloped frame.

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