Thursday 8 September 2011

Christmas Silhouette Cards

I've been playing with my new Christmas Silhouette downloads.....
These card were created using Serif CraftArtist.
Downloads available HERE

You could either create this card totally in your graphics programme and print it out or you can print various papers and images and layer them manually ( hybrid crafting? ). For this card, I created the arrangement so everthing is the right size and then separated the elements, printed them and lastly, layered and glued them.

1.  Import paper X1P6. Crop it so you have a square measuring approx. 4.5 x 4.5 ins..
2.  Import the mat X1m2, resize so it fits neatly inside the paper square.
3.  Import the diamond ring X1 dr1 and resize so it fits over the diamonds on the mat.
4.  Import the silhouette background circle X1b6, resize and position so it fits in the centre of the mat.
5.  Import the silhouette frame X1 sf1, resize so it fits over the background circle.
6.  Import the church X1 im2, resize and position it in the silhouette scene. Copy and paste the church so you
     have another to decoupage.
7.  Import the star X1im3c, resize and position in the sky.
8.  Group all the element of the scene together (not the background paper) and separate from the paper.
9.  Import paper X1P5 and crop so there is a strip of paper with just 4 or 5 circles left.

This what you should have to print out.

10. Print the images out on to printable card. If you wish you can pring the papers on to paper and the 
      other images on to card. 
11. Cut all the elements out.
Making up the card:
12. You now need an A5 greetings card and some dark blue card.
13. Layer the paper on to the dark blue card and glue to the top of the greetings card. Glue the silhouette
      scene in the centre. Fix the church over the church on the scene with double-sided sticky pads or
      silicone rubber.
14. Use Glossy Accents (spread with a cocktail stick) on the windows to give a glass effect.
15: Punch a snowflake border (Martha Stewart) from the dark blue card.
16. Glue the strip of circles paper to the base of the card, then glue the snowflake border above it.
17. Glue blue gemstones along the snowflake border
This all sounds a bit long-winded, but it's quite straightforward.


This card uses one of Hunkydory's cards as a base.
The papers are printed

1.  Import papers X1P1 and X1P4, keep to the size they import at (8 x 8 ins) and print on to paper.
2.  Import mat X1m1 and resize to 3.75 x 3.75 ins.
3.  Import the background circle X1 b3, resize to approx. 3 ins. diameter and position in the centre of the
4.  Import the white silhouette frame X1 sf1a, resize and place it over the background circle. Group together.
5.  Import the white tree X1 im5a and the tree lights X1 im7a. Resize and position the lights over the circles
     on the tree. Group the tree and lights together.
6.  Resize and position the tree in the silhouette scene.
7.  Import the beaded ring X1 br2, resize and position it between the edge of the mat and the silhouette
     scene. group the ring and mat together.
8.  Separate the scene, so you have a) the mat and ring b)the background circle and silhouette frame and
     c) the tree with lights. Print on to printable card.
This is what you will print

9  Cut all the elements out.
Making up the card:
10. Mask the central square with Post It notes or similar. Sponge around the outside of the square with
      blue dye ink.
11. Cut the paper the papers into strips to fit the two outer panels on the card. Then cut blocks of paper to
      fit the next two panels. Glue the panels to the card.
12. Fix the mat section of the silhouette scene in the middle of the square using double-sided sticky pads.
      Next fix the silhouette frame section in the centre of the mat with dssp and lastly fix the tree.
13. Decorate the card with blue and silver sequins, and glitter.

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