Friday, 30 March 2012


This is card using another of the Butterfly Duets designs.

The card was created in CraftArtist with design from Butterfly Duet 2 from the digikit.
Next a white square with the butterfly frame, then the dotted paper, another white square with the blue paper behind to make a border and lastly, the butterfly.
The card was then 'deconstructed' and the paper layers printed on to good quality paper. The squares plus frames were printed on to card and the butterfly on to vellum.

The card was then made up as follows:
1. The swirly backing paper with blue border was glued to a white greetings card.
2. A punch was used to round the corners of the largest butterfly frame square and glued to the greetings
    card...this layer could be raised with ds sticky pads if wished.
3. The corners were rounded on the next paper and glued inside the frame.
4. Then the smaller butterfly frame square with border glued in the centre of the dotted paper.
5. The dots on the vellum butterfly were dry embossed (as in parchment craft) so they appear whiter and
    raised. An alternative would be topaper prick the butterfly dots.
6. The butterfly was fixed to the centre of the card and the card embellished with gem stones and a pink   


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  1. Love the card Caroline. I really must use your kits through Serif. Great inspiration once again.


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