Saturday 7 April 2012


Card 7 created using designs from the new Butterfly Duets Digikit

This butterfly has been printed on to acetate and then had crumpled kitchen foil glued to the back.
You will need a graphics programme such as Serif CraftArtist or My Craft Studio.

1. Import the plain turquoise backing paper and resize to approx 5.5 ins square. Import the emboossed 
    look paper and resize to fit just  inside the turquoise paper.
2. Create the topper as follows: Import the dark blue paper and resize so it fits nicely in the centre of the
    embossed paper. Import the tie-dye effect paper and resize so it fits just inside the blue paper.
3. Import the flower frame and resize so it fits inside the tie-dye paper. Import the plain butterfly and resize
    so it fits inside the frame.
4. 'Deconstruct' the card and print the turquoise with the embossed pattern paper on to good quality paper.
5. Print all of the topper except the butterfly on to card.
6. Print the butterfly on to acetate. TIP: If your printed won't accept acetate,use double sided sticky tape
    to fix the top to a sheet of paper and try.
7. Glue the turquoise paper with the embossed paper to a dark blue greetings card.. Glue the topper in the
    middle of the card.
8. Stick the acetate butterfly on to double sided sticky paper. Crumple up some kitchen tin foil, flatten
    again and stick the butterfly to it. This gives a nice texture behind the coloured butterfly. Attach the
    butterfly body to the centre of the topper...add artificial flower stamens at this stage.

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  1. Another beautiful card Caroline I like the foil behind the acetate butterfly.


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