Thursday, 4 July 2013


This month's CACC Homework is about masks.
I used the instructions to create this using my Silhouettes 3 Digikit

The mask bit is the central circle with butterflies round it plus the cat inside. The other bits and the paper are also from the kit.

Making the mask
Import paper and cat. This is the first layer. 
Create a mask...I used a circle shape and positioned butterflies from the kit around it.
Back to the paper and cat layer...add a mask layer.
Move the butterfly circle mask on to it and move until the cat is in the middle.

Simple layering to create the rest of the picture.
NB: All Silhouette Digikits are on SALE at the moment.

Thank you to Catherine Carney, Rhona Fanshaw and Sue Beasely for their brilliant instructions.

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