Friday 5 October 2012


It's time to play!!!
I shall start with colouring the floral sketches (from Floral Sketchbook 1) digitally.
I must mention that I have never really coloured an image digitally so this is a learning experience for me!!!
This is as far as I have CAP2

I started with a small brush, a colour and about 50% transparency (so as not to obscure the shading already present on the sketch) and began colouring each petal....I am not very patient so then used a very large brush (around 70 - 100) and 50% transparency and coloured the whole flower with a few brush strokes!
I grouped the colur and clematis together. Then I made a stencil from the uncoloured flower, placed this under the grouped image and cut...a pink clematis.
Then I returned to a smaller brush and 50% transparency to colour the flower centre and the markings on the petals.

A lot of petals in this dahlia so this time I created a radial gradient circle.
First I cretaed a circle and filled it with the colour I wanted for the centre. Clicked on Fill (on right of toolbar) and then 'three colour' in the fill editor (on the left side of the toolbar).
Clicked the 'three colour' bar agin and then 'radial'. The circle then had 3 colours. By clicking on the small circles to change the colours and moving them up and down I got the gradient I wanted.
I placed the uncoloured dahlia sketch under the gradient circle and altered the transparency to get the intensity I wanted. Grouped the circle and dahlis and then used the stencil as above.

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  1. Visited from face book craft artist group and this is a gorgeous technique.... Lovely..... x


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