Saturday, 6 October 2012


Today we'll look at another way of colouring the Floral Sketches...this is for the hybrid crafters among you.

the Radiant Rain Shimmering Mists and Perfect Pearls give stunning results. Both are mica based sprays but the Radiant Rains have a dye instead of a colourless fluid like the Perfect Pearls.

I have found that inkjet watercolour paper is nice to print can be moistened and behaves like artist's watercolour paper. I believe you can print on to blotting paper which gives nice blending effects bit I've not tried it yet.

So I printed some of the Floral Sketches on to inkjet watercolour paper and cut the designs out. There is a grey outline round the flower...cut inside this is there to mark the flower edge on the lighter areas.

Spray with water and then spray or brush the Shimmering Mists on to the flower (spray a bit in an ice cube tray to act as palette then you can mix the colours if you wish).

Dry the flowers with a heat gun or place on a radiator. You may need to flatten them under somthing heavy if they warp too much.


Centre brushed with Shimmering Mist, the the whole lily sprayed with Perfect Pearls (the white mica one).

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  1. Wow Caroline, these flowers are amazing! They are so realistic, and I bet they look even better in real life with all the shimmer from the mica. I've never seen printable watercolour paper, what a great idea I'll have to look out for it.
    Claire xx


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