Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Sample card 9 made using the new Royal Sunset Lily Digital Kit.
You will need a graphics programme such as Serif CraftArtist or My Craft Studio.

Uses frame 2, paper p13 and topper 1.

1. Create a dark brown square in your graphics programme about 8 ins. x 8 ins.
2. Import frame 2, re-size and place just inside the brown square, leaving a small border.
3. Import paper 13, re-size and position it inside the frame. group and send to the task bar.
4. Import topper 1 and go to Photolab (in Crat Artist). Play with the Distort / Kaleidoscope tool until
    you have a nice pattern, click ok.
5. Bring the design back to the work area and re-size and place the new topper in the centre of the card.

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