Wednesday 18 September 2013


Card Samples using the new Snowflake Collection 1 digikit.
This kit is split into 2 items 1a and 1b for selling purposes.


Most programmes have features such as crop, transform etc.
The 2 cards below have used the transform tool to create multiple images at different angles.

This card has used the punch feature to isolate the bubble from the topper.

Craft Artist 2 also has a Kaleidoscope feature (Photolab / distort / kaleidoscope). 
Here it has been used on a snowflake.

The background on this card has been made using the Kaleidoscope feature and then Blur / Zoom on the topper. The normal topper was then positioned on top.

The depth in this card has been made by having 3 graduated sizes of the same topper and decreasing brightness of the largest topper (by 6 stops) and the middle one (by 3 stops).

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