Monday 9 January 2012


A card using designs from the new Cosmos Patchwork Party Digikit
You will need a graphics programme such as Serif CraftArtist or My Craft Studio

This card uses backing papers from the Cosmos Canvas Digikit and one of the Fan Segment designs

1. Choose two of the paper designs from the Cosmos Canvas Digikit and print on to high quality computer paper.
2. Import the Fan Segment from Cosmos Patchwork Party into the graphics programme and re-size so the height is approximately 3 ins.
3. You can make the fan in two ways: a. copy and paste the segment 5 times and print on to card or b; copy and paste the segment, rotate until it will fit along the edge of the first segment. Repeat with another segment, group the two angled segments, copy and reverse the image and move until the fan is complete. Print the
completed fan to card.

4. Trim a piece of white card so that the fan (when complete) will fit comfortably in the centre.
5. If using the separate fan segments make up as follows: Glue one segment to the centre of the card. Use
silicone rubber to fix the next segment next to it, angling it so that the outer edge is raised from the card. Fix the next segment so that it angles back down to the card again. repeat for the other side of the fan and leave to dry.
If using the printed fan: Score and fold so that folds A and C are mountain and B and D are valley folds.

6. Trim the papers and edge with a border punch (a Martha Stewart punch used here) and layer as illiustrated above, with the card plus fan in the centre and glue to a greetings card.
7. Glue a pearl where the segments meet (or print and glue one of the Fan Handle designs) and punch 4 dragonflies from offcuts of the papers in the four corners.

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