Tuesday 24 January 2012


Cosmos Patchwork Hexagon Card

This card uses images from the Patchwork Party Cosmos download and a paper from CaroLines Garden Cosmos Canvas download.
You will need a graphics programme such as MCS or Serif CraftArtist to make this card.

1. Import the paper into your graphics programme and alter the transparency so it has a vellum effect.
    Print on to a good quality paper.
2. Import a selection of the patchwork hexagons and resize so they are approx. 1 to 1.5 inches across.
    TIP: Group the 3 hexagons and resize them all at the same time rather than resizing one at a time.
3. Copy and paste until you have 3 each of 2 designs and one of a third design. Print on to good quality card.
    Use a gold inkpad to ink the edge of each of the hexagons.
4. Cut a square of black card approx. 5.5 inches.. Find and mark the mid point. Arrange and glue the 6   
    hexagons around the pencil mark with the dot in the middles of the central space.
5. Trim the black card around the hexagon arrangement leaving a small border and punch with a corner 
6. Cut the backing paper to fit around the hexagon card as illustrated. Glue on to pink card and then glue the
    hexagon card in the centre.
7. Ink the hexagon for the centre of the card with Versamark ink and emboss with Crystal Clear Print
    Magic embossing powder (Debbi Moore).
8. Use silicone rubber to fix the central hexagon in the arrangement. Leave it slightly raised above the card.
9. Squeeze some pink Liquid Pearls on to a piece of scrap card and use a cocktail stick to apply 'cross
    stitches' to the design.

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