Monday 30 January 2012


This card uses paper and word art from Cosmos Canvas Digikit and Patchwork Party Cosmos Digikit.

The Patchwork Squares have been used as the main feature and also as borders for the card.
You will need a graphics programme such as MCS or serif CraftArtist to make this card.
There are 2 ways you can make it, either by arranging all the elements in your graphics programme and printing on to card, or to arrange, deconstruct and print the indivual elements.
In this case I've arranged and printed the backing paper, borders and the word (Cosmos) and printed the squares separately.
1. Import the paper and crop to approx. 7 ins. x 5 ins.

2. Import the 2 butterfly squares and re-size to approx. 0.75 ins. Arrange along one side of the paper as
    illustrated. Group, copy and reverse and move the copy to the opposite side of the paper.

3. Import the Cosmos word, re-size and position in the lower central part of the paper.

4. Import and re-size the same squares...each will need to be copied and reversed. Arrange in the
    centre of the paper and import and re-size one of the fan handles.

5. Move the 4 larger squares and handle off the main design. Print the main design on to good
    quality paper. Print the larger squares and handle on to card.

6. Mount the backing paper plus borders and word on to dark red card.

7. Spray the 4 squares with a pearl spray (Luminarte Radiant Rain gold used here) and leave to dry.

8. Arrange the 4 sepaarte squares and fix to the card with silicone rubber, angling each square down
    towards the centre. Fix the fan handle to the centre of the arrangement.

9. Embellish if wished.

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