Sunday 27 January 2013


The first sample card uses images and papers from Rainbow Butterflies Set 3.

You will need a graphics programme such as CAP2 or MCS to make this card (sample made in CAP2).

1:   Create a plain black square approx. 26 cm x 26 cm.
2:   Import the embossed paper from the kit and position over the black background. Group and save (or
      send to the embellishments side bar if using CAP2).
3:   Create another black square and punch a heart from it. Punch a heart from a white square as well.
4:   Import the patterned paper from the kit and punch a heart. Position it over the white square and alter 
      the transparency until it's quite pale and group together. Position over the black heart changing the
     size so the patterned heart has a small black border.
5:   Import the button, re-size, copy and position as in the photo.
6:   Import the butterfly, re-size and position in the centre of the heart, group..
7:   Re-size the whole design to approx. 15 cm x 15 cm (6").
8:   Ungroup, copy the butterfly and then group again. Save the butterfly in the side bar.
9:   Print the heart card on to good quality white card.
10: Print the separate butterfly on to vellum.
11: Cut the butterfly out, including the antennae. When printing the butterflies on to vellum or acetate there is
      no need to cut off the antennae as they are virtually transparent.
12: Glue the butterfly on to the centre of the heart...gluing just the body so the wings can fold up.
13: On this card I have applied Glossy Accents to the buttons to give them extra shine.

If you wanted to print the butterfly on the card you could use the Decoupage feature in CAP2 to give some

You could also add drop shadows to the butterfly.

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