Friday 9 August 2013


This is the first of a number of sample cards using the new Royal Sunset Lily Digital Kit
You will need a graphics programme such as CraftArtist 2 or My Craft Studio.

This card uses L1 (one of the lilies), P7 (a paper) and t2 (one of the toppers).
It is very simple to put together:
1. Create a dark brown square in your graphics programme, import the paper, P7, and place over the square.
2. Re-size to have a small dark brown border around the paper.
3. Import, re-size and place the topper to the left side of the background.
4. Import, re-size the lily and position at the bottom of the design.
5. Choose a font, type your message and position and re-size if necessary to the top right.

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