Tuesday 20 August 2013


Sample card 8 made using the new Royal Sunset Lily Digital Kit.
You will need a graphics programme such as Serif CraftArtist or My Craft Studio.

Uses paper P9, butterfly B1, topper t1 and lily L1

1. Create a dark brown square as a background for paper P9. 
2. Import paper P9, re-size and position over the brown square leaving a small border. Send to the bar on the left ( Craft Artist).
3. Import the topper t1. Open Photolab (CAP2) and select Distort and then Kaleidoscope.
4. Slide the top bar until there are about 7 petals and slide the bottom bar until you get a nice pattern.
5. Go to Blur...Zoom and slide the bar all the way to the right. Click OK to take it to the work space.
6. Punch a square from the design.
7. Position this in the centre of the background.
8. Import topper t1 again, re-size and place it in the centre of the design.
9. Import the butterfly, re-size and rotate and position it in one of the bottom corners of the central square.
10.  Copy, paste and flip this horizontally and place in the opposite corner. Group, copy , paste and flip vertically and place at the top of the design as illustrated.

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