Monday 4 February 2013


Card 10 using the new Rainbow Butterflies Digikit.

You will need a graphics programme such as CAP2 or MCS to make this card.

This card uses Rainbow Butterflies set 6.

1:   Import the patterned paper and re-size it to approx. 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm.
2:   Import the other patterned paper, re-size and position over the first paper leaving a border of approx. 
     0.75 cm. Group and send to the side bar or save.
3:   Import the textured paper and punch the orange circle from it.
4:   Re-size and position in the centre of the two grouped papers. 
5:   Import the button, re-size and place in the centre of the punched circle.
6:   Copy and paste the button and crop to make a semicircle.
7:   Use this to create a  border round the circle: Position the first semicircle at the top of the circle, copy 
      and flip vertically and place at the bottom of the circle. Copy and rotate  by 90 degrees and position
      on one side, copy, flip horizontally and position at the opposite side of the circle. Copy and rotate the
      top circle by 22.5 degrees, place between the side and top semicircles. Repeat rotating 11.5 and 78.5
      degrees. Group the 3 semicircles between the top and side ones, copy and flip horizontally. Group
      together and flip vertically.
8:   Import the butterfly, re-size and rotate by 22.5 degrees. Copy, paste and flip horizontally and 
      vertically until there are 4 butterflies as illustrated. 
9:   Copy the 4 butterflies and print these and the card design on to good quality card.
10: Cut the butterflies out and glue just the body of each over those on the card. When the glue is dry, fold
      up the wings.
11:  Embellish with gemstones, glitter etc. if wished.

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