Friday, 1 February 2013


Card 6 using the new Rainbow Butterflies Digikit.

 You will need a graphics programme such as CAP2 or MCS to make this card.

This card uses Rainbow Butterflies set 1.

1:   Create a cream coloured square  approx. 13 cm x 13 cm in your graphics programme.
2:   Import the embossed paper, re-size and position it over the cream square so there is a small border.
3:   Import the swirling butterflies paper, re-size and place over the embossed paper.
4:   Create a plain brown square and position this over the butterfly paper, leaving about a 1 cm border.
5:   Group the design together. Import and position the button in the centre of the brown square.
6:   Put to the side bar or save.
7:   Import the butterfly, re-size and copy, paste and rotate each by 60 degrees so there are 6.
8:   Arrange them as illustrated, group and then position them around the button.
8:   Print the arrangement on to good quality card. Then isolate the butterfly group from the card and print
      on to vellum. Print just the button on to card.
9:   Cut each butterfly out removing the antennae (too fiddly!).
10: Glue just the butterfly body over those on the card. When the glue is dry fold the wings upwards.
11: Emboss the button several times with Versamark ink and clear embossing powder and fix to the card
     with dssp so it is raised from the card.

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