Saturday 2 February 2013


Card 7 using the new Rainbow Butterflies Digikit.

You will need a graphics programme such as CAP2 or MCS to make this card.
CAP2 is used here.

This card uses Rainbow Butterflies set 2.

1:  Create a pink background square in your graphics programme approx. 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm.
2:  Create a deep red / pink square  and re-size and position it over the pink square. Group and put
     in side bar.
3:  Import the floral paper, re-size to approx. the same size as the other squares. Choose one of the frame
     punches (using CAP2) and punch the floral paper.
4:  Re-size and position this over the other squares,
5:  Import the butterfly, re-size to fit over the punched frame. Then remove.
6:  Print both the card design and the butterfly on to good quality card.
7:  Cut the butterfly out, cutting around the antennae.
8:  Glue the butterfly's body to the centre of the card.
9:  Add peel-off borders, gems and glitter if wished.

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